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Customer Reviews
  • "Excellent work !"
  • "Professional installation !"
  • "Would recommend to anyone !"
  • "Our pool liner looks fantastic !"
  • "Great, on time installation !"
  • "Excellent Service! Quality Product !"
  • "Excellent, fast service !"

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“Sales person was fabulous! Installation went smooth! Everything is great.
We haven’t needed service yet, however, if needed, I’m sure it will be great.”

Robert & Marguerite Cornman      4/2/2019

“We are very pleased with the service and the fact that Pool Liner Galaxy demonstrates confidence in their service by not even asking for a down payment, is noteworthy. We will recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to our friends!”

Reynaldo Ramirez      6/6/2019

“I was very happy with the service and the crew from Pool Liner Galaxy who replaced my pool liner this past summer.”

Linda Edwards     6/10/2019

“Great experience! Easy, quick, excellent work.”

Bernadette & Carl Johansson       9/9/2019

“Provided excellent service in promised time. Attended to all my calls and responded promptly. I had a very good experience and would highly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy.”

Sayed Kazmi       6/17/2019

“As a first-time customer we were very happy with the installation of our new pool liner by your team. They did a great job and the overall customer service we received was 2nd to none. I would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to friends and family!”

Joe Miranda       6/22/2019

“I just want to thank Pool Liner Galaxy for the great job and team effort starting with the salesman to the installation. I already recommended this company to my neighbor for next year. The whole experience was GREAT!”

Debbie Gough       6/22/2019

“We had our pool liner installed by Pool Liner Galaxy July 18,2017.
The whole process was made easy from the person on the phone at the main office to the salesman who came to our home on a Sunday, with liner samples to choose from, who, by the way, was very informative. The installer also came on the weekend to get it done a.s.a.p. I would highly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to friends and family.”

Marie Thompson       7/18/2019

“I highly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy from start to finish. All aspects of this purchase were phenomenal. The salesman was knowledgeable and did not pressure us. The selection of liners was more than adequate. Measuring was done without interfering with our schedule and was done in a timely manner. The installation process was very smooth and completed exactly as we were told. I highly stand by Pool Liner Galaxy.”

Joe Taylor       6/1/2019

“Pool Liner Galaxy people are very professional, they explain every detail. We did not have this experience with previous pool liners. They are available all the time to take calls. We are very happy.”

Devendra & Branda Shrivastava       5/4/2019

“Excellent, fast, professional service. I will definitely use Pool Liner Galaxy again.”

Pat Torpey       5/13/2019

“Pleasure working with Pool Liner Galaxy. Very straight forward and professional. Excellent customer service. Pool Liner Galaxy performed above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend them!”

Raj Rampersand       5/22/2019

“We needed a new pool liner for our semi-inground pool. The people at Pool Liner Galaxy were very honest and did the job in the exact time frame they gave us. We are very happy with our new pool liner!”

Anthony & Annmarie Deluca       5/26/2019

“The service was excellent, the price was reasonable, and the customer service was excellent. Pool Liner Galaxy was recommended to us by friends. We would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to our friends.”

Liz & Erik Torres/Morales       6/28/2019

“Service was good, the installer was very competent. New liner fit is outstanding! We would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy!”

Philip Lange       4/17/2019


Trisha & Daniel Wilken       3/30/2019

“Installation was professionally done. Great job. We wish we did this work years earlier. We would gladly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy.”

John Toth      4/30/2019

“Work was done extremely well and professionally. Installation crew was very courteous, fun to talk to and precise in their work.
The installer paid attention to detail. Pool Liner Galaxy did a great job.”

Jerry & Annie Troeger       4/9/2019

“Pool Liner Galaxy was everything we looked for. The installer was amazing, fast and funny, a great guy! I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”

Eric & Jen Hatch      

“I was pleased with Pool Liner Galaxy. The installers were great people, they did a good job.”

Bill Beyer       4/28/2019

“Very professional. Installation crew was great as well as the office staff. Work was outstanding. I would highly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy.”

Frank Cifuni       5/5/2019

“I just love Pool Liner Galaxy. The process was very simple from first contact to finish. Neat, clean, ultra-professional. You would think getting a new liner would be a pain in the a**. Pool Liner Galaxy made it a fast, very pleasant experience. Most of all, the pool looks great. I highly recommend them!”

Steve Sohn       5/2/2019

“I was very satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the quality of the work performed. I would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to my friends and Family.”

Peggy Gay       5/31/2019

“Everyone at Pool Liner Galaxy was very nice. The job was done on time and without any problems.”

Ricardo & Miriam Cabrera       3/18/2019

“Unbelievable job done by Pool Liner Galaxy. Amazing to watch the installer do the job and smile while doing it!”

Robert & Marie Langworthy       3/19/2019

“Pool Liner Galaxy installs by far, the best liner. I had 2 other ones before. This one was smooth as silk. The installers were very friendly.

Fred Macaluso       3/16/2019 

“Pool Liner Galaxy stand behind their word. Well done all the way around.”

Robert and Rita Coehlo       3/20/2019

“The job was done on time. Everything we expected and more. Great job by Pool Liner Galaxy.

Rick & Lynn Martin       3/20/2019 

“My husband and I found the employees of Pool Liner Galaxy to be prompt, professional and thorough. We would highly recommend them.”

Danielle & Jon Albrecht       4/9/2019

“The young men from Pool Liner Galaxy who installed our liner were very professional, polite, and thorough while working at our home!! We are very pleased with our liner and the excellent installation!!”

Maureen & Jim Waldron       4/17/2019

“Service and customer care was exceptional from Pool Liner Galaxy, it’s the best we’ve ever had for our pool needs.”

Donna Rastocky       5/28/2019

“My experience with Pool Liner Galaxy was everything I hoped for.”

George Bitters       6/21/2018

“I appreciate the fact that Pool Liner Galaxy trust their clients by not requiring a down payment on a job that they are pretty confident that will come out right, which is my case. The presentation of the product was easy and informative and the final product which was the installation was even better! GOOD JOB!”

Luis Azevedo       4/5/2018

“Excellent Service! Quality Product!”

Melissa Manzi       5/19/2018 

“It has been a great pleasure for me to hire Pool Liner Galaxy. It is a good company. Their employees are professional, courteous and regarding their work, they are exceptional and precise. I recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to anyone who needs to hire a professional to service their pool.”

Gaston Cherenfant       4/18/2018

“The installation crew from Pool Liner Galaxy that came to our house did an excellent job! They were so nice, friendly, professional and I would hire them again. The water truck didn’t show up and we had to use the hose and they were so accommodating, and stayed longer with no complaints.
Great Job!”

Cindy Jolikko       4/30/2018

“We had a great experience with our pool liner replacement. When we had a small problem they came right back until we were happy with the whole process.”

Rosa Amabile       4/23/2018

“Very professional presentation, everything explained well, and easy to understand. The crew was here in a timely manner, they were very nice and explained any questions we had and worked very hard. We are extremely satisfied and have already recommended them to two other people and would recommend them again.”

Bill & Priscilla Gagnon       5/2/2018

“Pool Liner Galaxy did an exceptional job installing our new inground pool liner. From the initial quote to the completed job they were professional and helpful every step of the way. The pricing was competitive to all other pool companies. Job was completed in a timely manner and the quality is unbeatable. The installer was a pleasure to work with. Our pool looks fantastic and we would recommend this company to anyone.”

Nick & Rachel Kourey       5/22/2018

“Hi to everyone at Pool Liner Galaxy! Thanks to them and the great group of installers and a pool liner that beats them all, we had a great summer in our pool! It was fun to tell all the “budget” pool friends about our liner, it was money well spent. Cannot beat the products quality. We have told all our friends and family who have pools “you will feel like you got a whole new pool”. Call Pool Liner Galaxy!”

Nancy & Jay Conway       5/22/2018

“I was very pleased with the quality of the service performed by Pool Liner Galaxy and the professionals that installed a new inground pool liner for us. They were knowledgeable, hard-working, and determined to earn our approval. Even the salesman they sent first was quite competent and a pleasure to deal with.”

Lee & Lourdes Smith       6/10/2018

“Very good job by Pool Liner Galaxy. People were very nice and got the job done sooner than I expected.”

Adel Tuma       2/21/2018

“The job done by Pool Liner Galaxy was absolutely great. The workers were very friendly.”

Maria Vargas       4/24/2018

“Everything was done on time. There were no problems.”
I would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy.”

Sabina & Kwasi Asante       6/1/2018

“I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of Pool Liner Galaxy.
I liked their lifetime guarantee. They delivered and installed within the time frame quoted. The installer was very professional and punctual. I would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to anyone looking for a liner replacement.”

Cathy Lonergan       6/14/2018

“I could not have asked for a better job done by Pool Liner Galaxy.”

Richard Lavalee       4/15/2018

“We needed a new liner and I went online to search. Pool Liner Galaxy was the one I really looked into. We interviewed another company, but we did not like the way they handle things. We saw many good reviews and all the good things done for those customers. We liked the policy of no payment until the pool starts to fill with water. The installer was excellent. He did a wonderful job. I have already recommended Pool Liner Galaxy to someone who needs their liner replaced. I will continue to recommend them. I’m glad we found them.”

Trish & Mac Grobes       6/3/2018

“The service from Pool Liner Galaxy was excellent. The installer was so very nice, polite, a hard worker and very knowledgeable. He was almost neck deep in very cold water working to get every wrinkle out. He made a 40 plus year old pool look like new! The liner is a beautiful color and we will enjoy it.”

Patti Schena       6/10/2018

“Choice of products was exceptional. We have been very pleased with the experience, sales, schedules and especially the expert installation. We would definitely recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to anyone.”

Wayne Minnick       6/3/2018

“The installers at Pool Liner Galaxy were very professional. They answered all my questions professionally as well as took the time out to listen to my concerns.”

Omar Balkaran       3/16/2018

“We had a very good experience with both the salesman and the installation crew at Pool Liner Galaxy. They were very professional and knew exactly what to do. We never hire anyone to do any work for us. My husband put our inground pool in and has also put in several new liners. We are very pleased with the outcome. Everyone was top notch.”

Paul & Mary Natarcola       5/15/2018

“I was very impressed on how Pool Liner Galaxy was able to get the job completed on such short notice. They did a phenomenal job.”

Artie & April Elias       5/15/2018

“The installers were very nice. The job was done correctly and we were also pleased with the customer service.”

Dennis and Gayle Jones       2/25/2018

“We were very pleased with Pool Liner Galaxy. The installers were very nice.”

Alberto & Stella Castillo       6/25/2018

“From the time of the initial phone conversation with Pool Liner Galaxy to completion of work, I saw responsive customer service, politeness, and a job well done. I was advised every step of the way, when work would begin and complete. Thank you for high standards.”

Ellen Saracini       5/17/2018

“We have had no problems with our pool since the liner was put in. We are happy with the work that was done. The people were pleasant. We would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy services to anyone.”

Grace & Harvey Longenberger       5/26/2018

“Pool Liner Galaxy did a good job! I would recommend them.”

Lawrence Palmer       6/9/2018

“Thank you for the attention to detail regarding the installation of our pool liner. We had several unfortunate issues, though no fault of Pool Liner Galaxy. We appreciate your follow thru in making the situation right. The installers were instrumental in helping us as well. We have several neighbors who are in need of liners and we have passed on the name of Pool Liner Galaxy with the stamp of “a job well done”. We look forward to enjoying our new liner every season.”

Nancy Gawlas       7/27/2018

“Pool Liner Galaxy installed my new pool liner in a timely manner and on the day scheduled. The team of workers were efficient and cleaned up the debris. I had a minor flaw in the service and they came back right away and made it right! I would definitely recommend them to anyone for their pool needs.”

Linda Brechbiel       4/25/2018

“I was pleased with the service from Pool Liner Galaxy from beginning to end. The salesman was very helpful, the guys who put in the liner were the best, very nice and did a wonderful job. I thank them all for being so nice and helpful.”

Audrey Robbins       5/19/2018

“Everything went very well. Pool Liner Galaxy did a nice job all the way, from start to finish.”

Steven Casner       2/21/2018

“I have nothing but great things to say about Pool Liner Galaxy. The installer and I had many laughs. I would highly recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to anyone.”

Brian Daley       3/1/2017

“Very happy with Pool Liner Galaxy. No problems at all.”

Rodney & Serene Prather       3/21/2017

“No problems. I took the day off from work to see the installation and I was amazed how the liner went in perfectly. Everyone at Pool Liner Galaxy was very friendly.”

James & Ingrid Howells       3/18/2017

“No problems at all with Pool Liner Galaxy. When I came home I was happy to see how well the liner looked in my pool.”

Brouk Akale       3/4/2017

“We are very happy with the whole process. Pool Liner Galaxy is a great company. We would highly recommend them.”

Mike & Rebecca Quinn       3/21/2017

“Our job was completed as scheduled and there were no problems. All was good.”

Manuel & Bertha Rivas       4/15/2017

“Anytime I had a question about my pool I was able to call and they helped me out. I would recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to family and friends. I’m looking forward to Pool Liner Galaxy opening my pool in 2018.”

Christine Sackalosky       5/24/2017

“We are extremely happy and satisfied. Everyone was professional and true to their word. We had 2 previous liners installed and neither one looked as nice as this one. I would definitely recommend Pool Liner Galaxy to friends and family.”

Charlie & Donna Matlack       5/18/2017

“Great job with pool!”

Homeowner       10/04/2017

“Very professional and efficient.”

Carl L       7/31/2017

“They were very professional and completed work in timely and clean fashion. I would use them again and recommended to friends and family”

Homeowner       7/28/2017

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 5.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Tom G       7/09/2017

“From day one til finished this was the best and all employees were professional and happy to explain all to you..we are very satisfied. Thank you.”

Liz K       7/05/2017

“Very satisfied with my new pool liner. The installers did a great job and went out of their way to repair my pool prior to installing the new liner. Looks great and happy it was done the right way.”

Glenn M       6/25/2017

“Honest and did a great job ! My liner turned out beautiful ! And reasonable price very Happy ! Thank-You!”

Marianne C       6/18/2017

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 5.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Gloria S       6/10/2017

“Lucas and his crew did a fabulous job, very fast and efficient, highly recommend them. The liner turned out beautiful, we love it.”

Stephen D       6/10/2017

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 5.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Homeowner       5/22/2017

“They do a good job – great service.”

Fitzroy M       5/21/2017

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Dennis W       5/13/2017

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 5.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Ralph B       4/16/2017

“My in ground pool liner developed a leak. They found the leak and fixed it.”

Tony C       4/4/2017

“Very pleased with the end result. They know what they are doing.”

Roman L       2/17/2017

“Came did the job in 1 1/2 days pool looks like brand new would hire them again when liner needs to be replaced again.”

Helga D       12/31/2016

“great guys and very clean and neat and great job”

Christopher D       12/08/2016

“Excellent Job. Quick, efficient and affordable. Very reasonably priced. Nice Guys!”

Debra R       11/29/2016

“I had no problems at all with this company and they did a very good job…I am a Contractor myself and I would recommend them to my friends…”

Nick G       7/1/2016

“They called me back within an hour after I left a message. Out to do measurements and new liner installed in 2 weeks for a third of the price quoted by another company.”

Leo D       6/29/2016

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.5 Stars. No other comments made.”

Gail C       6/10/2016

“they did a great job.”

Joan H       8/24/2015

“Met timeline and took care to see that the installation was done in a professional manner without cutting corners.”

Homeowner       6/24/2015

“Did a great job”

Stephen K       6/18/2015

“Stuck to their word and their timeline. They were very responsive, much more so than other companies, and a pleasure to work with!”

Dan A       6/17/2015

“Good work , friendly people !!!!”

Jerzy S       6/6/2015

“Nice men”

Elaine M       5/15/2015

“i would highly recommended. they have many years of experience in what they do.”

Robert J       9/30/2014


Clifford K       8/31/2014

“They came when they said they would. In fact my liner was done two days earlier than scheduled. Their installers were very pleasant and respectful to my property. They did a great job and the pool looks great. I recommend them 100%.”

Susan F       8/21/2014

“The whole process from start to finish was handled very professionally. I was most impressed by the gentleman who installed the liner he was very friendly and did an awesome job. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Charles A       7/21/2014

“Company rep came out to my house the day after I called and explained every step of the process. Required no money down (unlike the other companies). He gave me the best price, even my homeowners insurance rep stated so. The next day a man named Lucas came out and did very detailed measurements as mine is a freeform pool. Lucas came back and installed the liner in 4 hours. They are very professional and I would HIGHLY recommend them. Very good experience all around.”

Paula T       7/19/2014

“The company conducted themselves very professionally and the installation was made efficiently and with a degree of workmanship.”

Scott M       6/26/2014

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.5 Stars. No other comments made.”

Charles N       6/6/2014

“Were on time, worked quickly, neatly. And stayed until the water was to proper limit. Cleaned up said goodbye and left.”

Lillian T       5/9/2014


John M       4/22/2014

“I hired this company to install my new liner and they did an excellent job. I expected to be a hitch or issues but non happened and I was pleasantly surprised. The price was great and they did what they said they would do without the expected upsell. Great work!”

Rich K       2/15/2014

“Overall positive experience. Dan the sales person was very helpful.”

Juan S       8/16/2013

“The measuring and ordering of the liner took a little longer than expected but once the liner arrived the job was done very quickly. The liner looks good so far and we have not had any issues.”

Michele S       8/15/2013

“2nd pool liner over 10 years still very satisfied. There was a small issue with our pool but the issue was VERY quickly addressed.”

Paul S       7/28/2013

“Liner installed on the day promised. Pool was filled within 2 days and ready for use. Had absolutely no complaints whatsoever.”

Homeowner       7/28/2013

“They did a great job!! I was going to go with the guy up the street. I”m glad I didn’t. These guy were real PRO’S!”

Greg D       7/9/2013

“Very professional”

Anthony E       5/10/2013

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 5.0 Stars. No other comments made.”

Rick N       10/15/2012

“The representative came within 2 days to look over the project. he was very professional, friendly, courteous and extremely informed. They said it would be 2 weeks from the time we placed the order to when the liner would arrive and they were right! They scheduled the work and came when they said they would (they were even 1/2 hour early). It took them approx 2 hours to install the liner. We gave them the payment and they said they would be back in 2 days to finish installing the jets. They left a vacuum to ensure the wrinkles where all out. And they were back in 2 days. All I can say is AWESOME!!! I couldn’t be happier”

Wayne M       7/29/2012

“Quick to respond and they were great. The estimator had all the answers, and the price was right. They did an excellent job and even saved my water to a tank and replaced it . They also fixed a light so the liner would be perfect.”

Maria C       7/5/2012

“Very professional with the service. Made sure that all parts of the job from start to finish were done correctly and quickly.”

Michael S       7/5/2012

“They were very professional and did a good job.”

Homeowner       7/2/2012

“excellent co to work with, very helpful in decision making process very time accommodating to work with in my time frame”

Bill H       6/13/2012

“The account manager was friendly, the installer terrific and the pool was up and running within a day!”

Vinny C       5/31/2012

“They did not rush to finish the job… they stayed overnight nearby and completed the job next day.”

Kiyoshi I       5/29/2012

“Surprised they contacted us on Memorial and actually came out and fixed it the same day.”

Linda V       5/28/2012

“Very professional, high quality job, good value.”

Nell B       5/11/2012

“I was very satisfied with my choice, I received very professional and on time service. I recommend this company to all pool owners, what a pleasant experience I had.”

Ida R       4/23/2012

“Good job!”

Homeowner       3/9/2012

“Very good!.”

Homeowner       3/9/2012

“Pool Liner is installed on time and looks excellent! Although the pool was closed after the liner change so observations during next summer would tell us more about how it holds up to temperature changes. Service was courteous and professional. I would certainly recommend them to our friends.”

Bash M       10/16/2011

“I had my in-ground pool liner replaced and I am impressed all around… from initial consultation to project completion. Exactly what I was told would happen, happened. The installers (Dan and Sean) were extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and NEAT!! I can’t believe my good fortune :-)”

Marilyn L       6/13/2011

“As of now great, do not know about call backs”

Mary ann M       6/9/2011

“Very prompt, reliable, accommodating to my schedule. The job they did is good. The pool looks good, haven’t been in it yet to truly assess, very pleased.”

Homeowner       6/1/2011

“Once we got them out to look at the project they were great. They did a great job, and stuck to their quoted price, no hidden extras.”

Sandy M       5/24/2011

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.67 Stars.”

Marcia G       5/11/2011

“We had a slight mishap on liner installation BUT they came back the next day to rectify concern.”

Philip H       5/9/2011

“They did a great job closing my pool. I am now looking to hire them to open it for the summer.”

Chitra S       5/3/2011

“From begining to end of our pool liner replacement they were very impressive. Paul, who came to the house to sell the liner was very infomative and explained the entire process. Ed, the installer was very good. Showed up on time and within 4hrs my new liner in. We would recommend”

Ruth M       4/30/2011

“Quick response and good job!”

Rui L       3/16/2011

“Called immediately . So friendly knowledgable and polite!! Can’t believe the level of service and so fast!! You don’t find people like this anywhere!”

Paul S       12/6/2010

“Gave me ways to save money. Remarkable service, many options. Jeff, one of the owners, went above and beyond to help me with my project.”

Babette H       11/1/2010

“Great job, very friendly and considerate.”

Lynn C       10/18/2010

“From start to finish, I was very pleased. Everything went very smooth throughout the process. I take my hat off to the installers. Great Job !!!”

Ed D       10/17/2010

“They were very professional and very responsive. They came out almost immediately to quote the project for me. I have never owned a pool before and they were very good with explaining the differences in liners and what the effect would be on the pool. Once I hired them the work started promptly and they stuck to their original schedule. The team on the job was very informative and spent a lot of time educating me on maintenance and upkeep. I would certainly recommend them again.”

Ryan C       10/5/2010

“The liner was installed within a month of the time we ordered it and that was reasonable. There was a slight problem with leaking of the fixtures and they came back and corrected it.”

Homeowner       8/23/2010

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.33 Stars. No other comments made.”

Homeowner       8/20/2010

“Prompt, courteous, professional”

Homeowner       7/19/2010

“Was happy with the overall service from beginning to end.”

Virginia M       7/15/2010

“I am very happy with the work that was done on my pool”

Judith O       7/12/2010

“very professional job well done”

Ronald G       7/5/2010

“We were satisfied with the job. Our pool was a freeform pool which made it more difficult to replace the liner. They came back to correct a problem we had. Our calls were always answered promptly. Very happy with their personal service and would recommend to everyone.”

Judy H       7/7/2010

“Courteous, professional, EXCELLENT installation, PLEASED to use them, and would do again, in a minute.”

Dorothy R       7/2/2010

“very professional”

Ken C       7/1/2010

“John helped us through the sales process and answered all our questions. Lucas the installer arrived on time and we were refilling the new liner in just a few hours. There were absolutely no problems with the installation and the quality met all our expectations.”

Homeowner       6/29/2010


Homeowner       6/27/2010


Demetri P       6/23/2010

“Very professional salesman and work quality.”

Lynn S       6/22/2010

“great co”

Homeowner       6/20/2010

“They were fabulous! I am a contractor so I tend to judge contractors rather harshly. These people were professional from start to finish of the project. I highly recommend them.”

Lisa L       6/18/2010

“The installers were very professional. They did a great job installing the liner and cleaner up everything as the job was being done. The only problem I had was that the first liner was measured wrong. The liner was too big but instead of installing it anyway they remeasured and ordered one that fit perfect. All and all I am completely satisfied with the results.”

Homeowner       6/15/2010

“Professional. High Quality materials. Reasonable pricing. Done soon after estimate provided.”

Stephanie Z       6/10/2010

“Very good professionals. Quick turnaround for calls. Working extra hours just to get the job done.”

Liza C       6/9/2010

“These guys came out in pouring rain to figure out the problem with our pool. They stayed until they had figured out a solution, wrote up a contract including all pricing and returned the following week as requested to complete the job. They arrived about 8:45 and did not leave the first day until 9:30PM. They returned on three consecutive days to complete the job. They were extremely professional and very knowledgeable. We cannot say enough good things about them having had a really bad experience with Joe’s Pool Service in Lodi a few weeks prior. Steve and his guys are the best!”

Barbara V       6/1/2010

“The workers were prompt, helpful, polite and did a great job. I was very happy with the service.”

Marianna W       5/23/2010

“Excellent. thanks to recommendation from service magic!”

Rodney M       4/24/2010

“George Doren was very helpful. He showed-up on time like he promissed and answered all my questions and concerns.”

Homeowner       4/9/2010

“they where great on time for every appointment clean up all the trash and left the pool looking like new would hire again if need any pool repairs done again”

Robert A       4/3/2010

“Fast friendly service. I will definitely recommend them to others.”

Ellen C       12/28/2009

“top knotch service! quality performance and always professional. my pools down time was nothing, as fast as it took to make the liner it was installed the next day. over and above service!! Anyone would be crazy not to pick this company for your job! Sincerely, Cheryl S.~~~South Jersey :)”

Cheryl S       9/2/2009

“The installers came on the day the company indicated, the price was the price they quoted. They worked very hard that day and they installed the entire liner on that day and did an excellent job. By the end of the day, the pool was all full of water. I was quite happy, the quality of the work was excellent.”

Brian M       8/31/2009

“Fast, friendly, good prices. We were back in our pool in no time. Emilio was very friendly and right on top of things. Would absolutely recommend!!”

Jeanine P       8/3/2009

“Customer rated Pool Liner Galaxy 4.5 Stars. No other comments made.”

Frank P       7/28/2009

“They did an excellent job, very professional and responsible. But they left some materials at the pool area. After I called the manager they came back and clean them up.”

Homeowner       7/14/2009

“Very good communication. My calls were returned asap.Fast appointment. Very attentitive and very good at what they do. Also very friendly. & Great prices. i’m glad I found u guys :)”

Mary T       6/8/2009

“I called a number of pool companies before finding them through Service Magic. They called me right away, came to my house to measure the pool and explained everything. They installed the liner when they said they would, the very next week! They were VERY professional and friendly. I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking to get your pool liner replaced.”

Laura R       5/27/2009

“They were professional and well informed. They did as promised, in the time promised. We are happy with the work at this point. We purchased the lifetime warranty liner, so we will see if a few yrs if it lives up to the guarantee.”

Tracy M       5/19/2009

“Well it’s easy…….they arrived when they said they would. Hard working, and fast as hell. In about 10 minutes…….i’m going swimming………need i say more!!!”

Glen M       5/29/2008

“This Contractor is very easy to work with . thier prices were comparable”

Joe B       4/20/2009

“Excellent tile and concrete work. Very responsible and reliable. They have specialized team for all their work, but their only weakness is pool maintenance. You will probably need to continue to use your existing maintenance service.”

Steven P       8/11/2008

“Two great guys came and worked in my yard and with my pool as if it was their own. Constantly communicated with me on their progress and instructed me in detail what I need to do and when I needed to do it. I love my new liner and its installation. Thank you.”

Kearns B       5/20/2008

“Felt this company did a great job. I hired them for another property as well. They also were professional, efficient, thorough, and prices were reasonable.”

Rod M       5/1/2008

“They came when promised. They did the work pretty fast & left. We had no problem’s during or after. We hadn’t used our pool in 5 years so it was enjoyed very much last year.”

Homeowner       3/15/2008

“Excellent workmanship and reasonable prices. Quick and efficient!”

Tony F       11/27/2007

“They did everything we contracted him for and more. He was extremely professional and did the entire job in a timely manner. We are very pleased with this company and have already referred them to others.”

Karen S       10/14/2007

“Professional, Fast, Clean, Polite.”

Homeowner       8/4/2007

“Very professional and extremely timely.”

Maria B       7/31/2007

“Very Good”

Peter C       07/21/2007


Homeowner       7/7/2007

“Paul was awesome. Was so dedicated to this project that he came out on July 4th holiday.”

Homeowner       7/5/2007

“Very professional, did a good job and within the time expectations.”

Jim R       6/26/2007

“Very good and friendly professional guys.”

Gang L       6/21/2007

“nice presentation, good warranty, good installation”

Homeowner       6/14/2007

“They are the best. Simply fantastic!”

Homeowner       6/10/2007

“Prompt, courteous service.”

Homeowner       4/11/2007